WiP Games and Miniatures has been created by us (Dave and Dan Toone) as a means to bring the rules and miniatures that we want to use in our own wargaming hobby to market, and we hope you will also enjoy what we do! 


The concept, writing and playtesting of our first printed product, 'On Bloody Ground - The Norman Conquest', has taken nearly 3 years to reach completion, and we are extremely happy with the final results. The decision to create rules and army lists for use in 'Dark Age' Britain was based primarily on the armies that we regularly game with, although it is also a hugely popular period of wargaming, so we hope other gamers will also enjoy using the rules and lists with armies that they already own, or may even be inspired to start a new, exciting project.


"The Norman Conquest" is our first product in what will become a series of rulebooks and their accompanying army lists, along with our own ranges of both 10mm and 28mm white metal miniatures.